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Nissin Foods founder Momofuku Ando got the inspired idea to produce the world’s first instant noodle product, Chicken Ramen, with his personal conviction that “peace will come to the world when people have enough to eat.”

His determination was a direct by-product of witnessing misery not long after the Second World War, when people often had to wait in long lines to buy food at black-market food stalls.

What inspired Mr. Ando to fight starvation in such difficult times, today it has become Nissin Foods’ fundamental principle.

The introduction of Chicken Ramen in 1958 created an entirely new market and industry. Since then, instant noodles have become a widely consumed meal throughout the world. With its operations now on a global scale, Nissin Foods aims to develop new products to help solve the increasingly severe problem of worldwide food supply, based on its principle that “the creation of balanced and safe food will serve society.”

In honour of this basic principle, Nissin Foods continues to actively participate in WINA (World Instant Noodles Association activities which include sending instant noodles supplies promptly to areas stricken by natural disasters as part of disaster relief efforts around the world.